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Welcome to the web-site of Railway Recruitment Board, Patna. This web-site has been established to serve the requirements of applicants and to facilitate easy download of notices and application forms. The web-site will also publish the results of various examinations for different posts from time to time.

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CEN 01/2018 - Notification

Schedule of 1st stage Computer Based Test (CBT) for recruitment to ALP & Technicians has been released.

 e-Call Letter Download Schedule Website URL


CEN 02/2018 - Notification

Important Notice for Modification of Invalid Photographs.

Last date was 30-07-2018, 23:59 Hours.

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Exam Special Trains: To clear heavy rush of examinees, following special trains have been scheduled.

(01) 03257/03258 - Danapur-Secunderabad-Danapur - on 10th/14th August, 2018.

(02) 05579/05580 - Darbhanga-Bhubaneswar-Darbhanga - on 11th/14th August, 2018.

(03) 05225/05226 - Barauni-Indore-Barauni - on 11th/14th August, 2018.

(04) 03685/03686 - Gaya-Indore-Gaya - on 11th/14th August, 2018.

(05) 05231/05232 - Barauni-Secunderabad-Barauni - 12th/14th August, 2018 - CANCELLED.

(06) 05215/05216 - Barauni-Secunderabad-Barauni - 11th/14th August, 2018.

(07) 05219/05220 - Muzaffarpur-Bhubneswar-Muzaffarpur - 11th/14th August, 2018.

(08) 05503/05504 - Samastipur-Anand Vihar Terminal-Samastipur - 11th/13th August, 2018.

(09) 03687/03688 - Gaya-Bhopal-Gaya - on 12th/14th August, 2018.

(10) 05233/05234 - Barauni-Bhubaneswar-Barauni - on 12th/14th August, 2018.

(11) 05537/05538 - Darbhanga-Jabalpur-Darbhanga - on 12th/14th August, 2018.

(12) 05281/05282 - Barauni-Secunderabad-Barauni - on 14th/17th August, 2018.

(13) 05237/05238 - Muzaffarpur-Bhubaneswar-Muzaffarpur - on 15th/17th August, 2018.

(14) 03271/03272 - Danapur-Secunderabad-Danapur - on 14th/17th August, 2018.

(15) 05523/05524 - Darbhanga-Indore-Darbhanga - on 14th/17th August, 2018.

(16) 03255/03256 - Danapur-Secunderabad-Danapur - on 17th/20th August, 2018.

(17) 05549/05550 - Darbhanga-Indore-Darbhanga - on 17th/20th August, 2018.

(18) 05207/05208 - Muzaffarpur-Bhubaneswar-Muzaffarpur - on 18th/20th August, 2018.

(19) 05287/05288 - Barauni-Secunderabad-Barauni - on 17th/20th August, 2018.

:: Why are the Candidates getting Centres outside the State? :: अभ्यर्थियों को उनके राज्य के बाहर परीक्षा केन्द्र क्यों मिल रहे हैं?



Special Train: 05207/05208 - Muzaffarpur-Bhubaneswar-Muzaffarpur - on 18th/20th August, 2018.
Special Train: 05549/05550 - Darbhanga-Indore-Darbhanga - on 17th/20th August, 2018.
Special Train: 03255/03256 - Danapur-Secunderabad-Danapur - on 17th/20th August, 2018.
Special Train: 05287/05288 - Barauni-Secunderabad-Barauni - on 17th/20th August, 2018.
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How RRB Works:

Railway Recruitment Board calls for application from eligible candidates through Employment News (A publication of the Government of India). The employment notification is also published on the Internet web site. The applications are scrutinized for eligibility. The eligible candidates are called for a written examination with call letters being sent a month in advance of the date of the examination. In most of the categories of jobs, there is no interview after the written examination. In some categories, there will be a second stage written examination. In categories related to operational safety, there will be a psychological test.

The application-details furnished by successful candidates are verified and they are called for counselling and scrutiny of original documents. A panel of names is then recommended to competent authorities to the extent of vacancies. The candidates will be required to pass a medical examination before appointment. The results of selection at every stage will be made available on the Notice Board of RRB/Patna in Results through the Internet website to the successful candidates through post.

The selection process is based on merit and is subject to the rules and regulations issued by the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board), Government of India which includes reservation of jobs for certain castes/communities such as Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Communities (OBC), etc. Ex-servicemen are also entitled for reservation as per the rules. The entire computerized recruitment system functions impersonally without fear or favour. There is no scope for corruption, influence or discretion in this process. Candidates indulging in malpractices and unfair means are dealt with strictly.

The overall policy guidelines for all Railway Recruitment Boards in India are laid down by Railway Recruitment Control Board, New Delhi.


All eligible candidates desiring to apply for the posts of Railway Recruitment Boards are requested to have Aadhaar Card available with them as it will be needed to establish their identity in future vacancies.

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CEN 01/2018

Annexure I to VI


CEN 02/2018



News Warning:
Beware of touts and job racketeers trying to deceive by false promises of securing job in Railways either through influence or by use of unfair means. Candidates attempting unfair means shall be disqualified and legal action shall be initiated against them.



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