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NIC Bihar Centre

Stenography Test

This is for the short-listed candidates under following employment notices:

CEN-08/2010 - Stenographer (Hindi) Category 1 + Stenographer (English) Category 2

CEN-03/2014 - Stenographer (Hindi) Category 1

Each candidate will take dictation with speed 80 w.p.m. for 10 minutes using Pen/Paper and then will have allocated time of 75 minutes for Hindi and 65 minutes for English to transcribe the passage.

Candidates have the option to transcribe the dictated matter using a computer system provided for this purpose or to use a Manual Typewriter brought by candidates themselves. If candidates wish to make use of a Manual Typewriter Machine, they must specify their option before 30th March, 2018 by continuing with the form given below. Those who want to transcribe on Desktop Computer need not exercise option.

Start by locating your record using the following form and click Update to choose Manual Typewriter Machine:

Control No. *
Roll No. *
Birth Date 09/06/1970 - dd/mm/yyyy

Note: You will need to correctly type in Control No., Roll No. and Birth Date so as to locate your record in the database. Once the record has been found, you can change mode of stenography test as per your preference.
























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